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     - For all future times; For always.


     - Most recent in time; latest.

"Not everything in life last forever, moments, friends, family, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, love, forgiveness, a smile, a laugh, a hug, a kiss, Nothing last forever, it all comes to end, tears come to an end, anger comes to an end, depression comes to an end, life comes to an end, and their isn’t anything you can, but live your fucking life, without any type of regrets never say sorry for something you meant, or something you did. At the end of the day, it makes you who you are, and you my friend are special."

Bleeding collaboration shirt.

Yeezy 2 “Platinum”

Live the life you want, people are going to judge you no matter what you do, or what you believe, but it’s up to you to live the life you want and not the life that other people want you to live. Find yourself, and stay loyal to yourself, this is your life, fuck everyone else. Never let someone fuck up your life. Never follow in someone else’s foot steps, create your own. Follow your own path.




Here we go, either one.


It’s doing to much

So without the chanel?